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Have You Experienced These Problems?

Unsafe or poorly trained workers put your teams, your project, or your budget at risk. 

When you work with Hammers Workforce Solutions, you can be sure that you’re hiring skilled workers who are well trained, expertly led and supervised, and proud to maintain or exceed the high standards you expect and deserve.

The Hammers Difference

Here are seven of the most common, dangerous, and costly problems that construction firms and supervisors struggle with week in, week out.

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Problem #1

Your crew doesn't show up on time (or at all)

Hammers Workforce Solution

Our crew is invested in your project because they are well-rewarded, we pay them only for the hours they work on your project, and we do things like providing transport to the job site to eliminate all the small challenges that stop people turning up on time. 

Problem #2

Teams filled with 'cowboys' or inexperienced crew members

Hammers Workforce Solution
Every crew that we provide has experienced crew leaders who set standards for their team and ensure that safety procedures are adhered to at all times and that their team follows correct work practices.
Problem #3

Equipment returning to your yard damaged or wrecked

Hammers Workforce Solution
We complete a stripping checklist and formal handover of the site before our crew leaves the job to ensure that every task has been completed using correct and careful procedures, your site is left clean and safe, and your equipment is returned undamaged.
Problem #4

Contractors who pay lip service to their SWMS?

Hammers Workforce Solution
We take SWMS seriously. Every member of our crews has completed relevant SWMS induction and weekly pre-start/toolbox meetings to reinforce the importance of correct and safe work practices. We use these sessions to highlight changes, new hazards, or improvements that we’ve identified in previous shifts.
Problem #5

Difficulty getting reliable crews to remote worksites

Hammers Workforce Solution
We specialise in providing energetic and reliable teams to your site, no matter where it is. If necessary, we’ll arrange transport for our crews to ensure that everyone starts on time, every time.
Problem #6

Ever-increasing workers' compensation claims or insurance costs because of workplace accidents

Hammers Workforce Solution
Our motto is that “we take care of each other and we all go home safely.” We live this every day by ensuring our crews are well trained, correctly supervised, and safety aware at all times.
Problem #7

Non-standard or dangerous work practices

Hammers Workforce Solution
We live and breathe our SWMS, site inductions, and safety procedures. Every Hammers Workforce employee goes through a detailed onboarding induction and site briefing before they ever start to work on your project.

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