At Hammers Workforce, we believe in the power of community. A community is more than merely a group of people. It is a united entity built on the strength of the relationships between its members and their alignment towards a common purpose bound by shared values.

Community is greater and stronger than any single member. It amplifies each member’s impact and reinforces and supports every individual within a network of support and inclusiveness that brings out their best.


It’s important to us that we foster a community spirit within our business and actively contribute to the community around us because, in the act of giving, we receive so much more.

One of the ways Hammers Workforce lives this value is in our sponsorship of the Gold Coast Eagles Rugby Union Football Club. Our love of rugby (the greatest game of all) and our personal association stretching back over a decade gave us added incentive to support the Gold Coast’s oldest club.


The Eagles played their first game of rugby in 1965 against a more highly favoured Brisbane side. On that day, the team stood up for the spirit and pride of their fledgling club with a win against the odds.

Today, the club instils those same values of Professionalism, Commitment, and Inclusion in the hundreds of junior and senior players who pull on an Eagles jersey each weekend. These values are epitomised by past players who gained representative honours with the Queensland Reds and the Wallabies.


The Hammers family has played various roles in the club’s recent history club, including serving on the committee, volunteer coaching, mentoring players, coaching the junior side to a premiership, and playing in the premiership-winning senior side.

While we love the game of rugby, the alignment of our corporate and personal values with those of the club is what truly cements our relationship.


Looking across the fields on a competition weekend, you can see the strong participation and support for the junior teams at the club. A strong community needs both grassroots support and new leaders coming through the ranks. On that basis, it’s clear that the Gold Coast Eagles have a strong future ahead of them.

We look forward to being a part of that future and upholding the values that make the Gold Coast Eagles successful and Hammers Workforce a fantastic place to work.